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Starting more than 50 years ago, the Anton Art Center began building a home for the arts in Mount Clemens and Macomb County. Over the years, our programming and operations have evolved to meet the needs of our community, to reach new and broader audiences, showcase performing and literary arts, and reach more and more art-lovers in our community. Through exhibits, educational and outreach programming, we have worked to provide access to the arts for those who live in and visit our community through onsite and outreach programs (and now virtual programs!), and to support artists through opportunities to share their work in a professional setting. We are proud of this history, and continue to take pride in the work we do every day. As a member of the Art Center, you too, should be proud of what we have accomplished by sharing the arts with our community!


Recently, our Board of Trustees reviewed our Membership program and determined that it was no longer helping us to meet organizational and strategic goals. More specifically, membership was not helping us reach new audiences, expand our programming, become a focal point for the arts, or help us in our work to be a more welcoming and inclusive organization. As a result, we have discontinued the membership program in its current form (effective January 2021) and are exploring new ways to meaningfully engage our community.


As we move forward, you can expect to see new opportunities to support the Anton Art Center, and hope you continue to support the organization by taking classes, visiting our exhibitions, participating in our programs, volunteering, and continuing to provide financial support. It’s important to us that as a current member, you know that we value your involvement and support. To that end, we are committed to continuing all of your member benefits until your current expiration date.

Despite the discontinuation of our membership program, we hope you will still consider making a gift to support the work we do every day! You can make a contribution online, or mail a donation to Anton Art Center, 125 Macomb Pl., Mount Clemens MI 48043.


We value your involvement, and look forward to engaging with you in new and innovative ways! Feel free to contact Executive Director Phil Gilchrist at or 586-469-8666 with questions.

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